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Main Features

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Some easy ways to do animations
But there are more ways to do
Element behaviour.
No code needed but possible
Export FTP button. What happens?
Two rules on persP side:
Two rules on the code side:
Alpha trial
Keep Calm
The real thing
Go beyond the actions, persP allows you to create, buttons, parallax effects, fixed elements, triggers, actions and work with variables…
Like you always do, but this time, whatever you design, it will be the real thing, from the very first box.
How about this? Let the designers design and the developer code.Together, on the same project, at the same time.
Let's review some of the main points in no particular order:

That's what we call reactive animation.

Collaborate, save versions, present designs and prototypes to your clients, receive their feedback, share them with your team-mates and make the changes and correction working on the same document ate the same time. Seems a better way. Doesn't it?





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Alpha Trial


You can launch actor's animations on a specific time,  or fire them from event triggers in other actors. 

Tell one actor to animate after another one finishes its animation or at the same time.Animate only when the actor is inside the screen's visible area.Combine everything above.

You can even subscribe the animation to animation channels. Later you can fire the channel from an action. All actors subscribed to that channel will start animatingat once.

Set the behaviour of any element in your page easily and with no need of code typing.

Select any element you want, go to the inspector and choose your desired behaviour, set the parameters required and you are done.No code needed but don't worry if you want you can add your own code.

Complete site is exported and files are moved between servers, following these rules: Media files, CSS files, Persp core js and index.html files are overriden only if needed. Every other file is kept.

Every time you make changes on persP, just export again and reload the site. And that’s it. Nothing more. Code stays on the code side and design stays on persP. No handoff.

Name your elements correctly so you can refer them later in code.If you need to add modules (google analytics, external css, …) to the index, you can do it from the project settings in persP.

Triggers:Mouse on, mouse out, click, double click, long press…

Actions:Scroll to, jump to, execute, hide, interval, let, change language, timer, toggle visibility, var, write text…

You should start your custom code inside the main.js file and you must invoke your functions from inside the function main().You should refer to the actors on the slide using our functions (we have only 3, now worries) . I.e. actor("header")

We will invite people in batches to be sure that our servers and handle it.Again, please take into account that it is, indeed, an alpha version.

This is a trial environment.The alpha trial will open with one project already created so you can see how it’s done, modify, torture it and even delete all its content and create new content inside.

The alpha only limitations are:- You cannot create a new project.- You will not be able to export the project.- Your changes will be keep only for one day.Other than that, you can test everything, you will even be able to share the project with some friends and work together on it.

We are currently working solving some stability issues and we will open the alpha version on July 10 for any of you that want to try it.

All the drawing , align and distribute, layout tools, helpers and shortcuts that you are used to, and then some new ones.

Collaborative from inception, you'll find internal messaging,to-dos, notifications and real time, simultaneous editing, up to single element level.

Two different preview modes : standard & live. Two export modes : staging & ftp.

by and for professionals

Cloud based. Platform agnostic. It can work offline if you lost internet connection.Instant on. It just opens where you left it. Pinned projects are always up to date (with notifications if they have been changed by other user). You can copy/paste between pinned projects.No save action needed. Versions, backup.Real time multiuser editing up a single element blocking. That means that the only limitation is that you cannot select the same element another user has already selected, but you can request it in a single click.

Actions rule language that we are improving each week. Right now it allows connect to external APIs and integrate the results with components, execute javascript commands, add CSS on the fly …Rule based Components.Event based animations. Each actor can have creation, exit and specific animations that can be triggered by events or actions or a combination of both.One click export. And we have defined the three servers: development (persP itself), staging (user defined), ftp (user defined). We will not force you to stay on our servers. Your projects are yours.Javascript API so you can access the actors from you custom code. We used it a lot.

Most of usual layout tools are there: Multiple slides, Boxes, Ovals, Rounded boxes, Texts, Media boxes , Components (Symbols). Align, Distribute, Grids, Guides, Snaps. Let’s leave vector editing and photo editing to the apps that do it really well, at least by the moment.Media, Components, Styles (text, graphic and animation) drag and drop browsers. So you can define your own Design system.Slide browser, Current slide navigation (like sublime Text) to jump to a section of the page directly.Multi-language support. You have never created multi language systems so fast and so easy. Trust me.

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